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The psychology of envy, by Júlio Padovan

Tuesday, December 6th, 7pm at IESS

Envy is perhaps the most pernicious emotion we carry within us from the beginnings of our journey into rationalization, free will, and responsibility; even more destructive than hatred itself. A product of our own development, albeit a misguided use of our incipient abilities, envy is a part of our daily lives. It is so ubiquitous and prevalent, that we often confuse it with greed, ambition, competition, jealousy, and many other forms of manifestations. This lecture, from “The Psychology of” series, aims at analyzing the roots of this state of mind, explaining them, and creating an environment that is conducive to our reorientation towards the path to gratitude and plenitude.

Júlio Padovan holds Ph.D. degrees in Biophysics and Molecular Biology and has been working since 1996 at The Rockefeller University as both Senior Research Associate and Associate Director; he is also an Associate Professor of Chemistry at York College-CUNY. Júlio has been studying Spiritism over 30 years and is currently a member of the Spiritist Group of New York, where he is responsible for the Sunday Study Group.

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