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The Passion of the Christ: His Last 6 Hours (followed by our Early Dinner)

Sunday, 16 at 6pm (Lecture) followed by the Early Dinner

On April, Sunday 16 we will have the lecture "The Passion of the Christ: his last 6 hours," by Débora Beldowicz, followed by our Early Dinner, a special gathering to get to know each other better, raise funds and break bread! (Food donations are welcome!). Come and join us at this loving event and help us spread the word! Suggested Donation: $10 per person Please note: the financial donation applies to the food and refreshments only. If you wish to attend the lecture only, that is FREE of charge. Lecture - The Passion of the Christ: His Last 6 Hours will focus on the profound teaching of Jesus in his last 6 hours incarnated. We will reflect on his steps and what they meant and still mean to us through his passion. We will focus on the message of hope and love that he has left us and we must continue his legacy being true Spiritists. Débora Beldowicz graduated in psychology / criminal justice in 1998, works at private office and coordinates LAPS (Latin American Psychological Support Center) in Newark, New Jersey. She is a writer, avid researcher and student of the Spiritist Doctrine, and president of Good Harvest Fraternal Group, a Spiritist Center located in Newark.

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