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Depression - Causes, Consequences and Treatments

Join us on Friday, May 25, at 7 pm, for a lecture by Sérgio W Soares. Topic: Depression - Causes, Consequences and Treatments Who is vulnerable to depression? What does Spiritism say about it? What kinds of treatments are available? How to help someone with depression? About Sérgio W. Soares: He's a medium, psychologist on reincarnation, Spiritist speaker, founder of the website "Evangelho no Lar 2012" (Gospel at Home 2012) with more than 250 weekly videos of support and assistance on how to conduct the Gospel at Home. He also created the program "Minutes of Spiritism" where he answers questions from the general public. He is the founder Radio Espiritismo and the Spiritist Center Love, Forgiveness and Faith in Rio de Janeiro.

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