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Here is a sample of our lectures. For more, please access our Youtube page at IESS.


​"The Good News - Take Heart" by Raquel Murray - June 2019

"The Good News - The Fight Against Evil" by Joanna Vaz - May 2019

"Forgiveness Promotes Health" by Ubirajara Oliveira - May 2019

​"Reflections on Easter" by Fred Gouveia, Marcelo Medeiros, and Muriel Campomizzi - April 2019

"The Good News - Faithfulness to God" by Adilson Araújo - Mar. 2019

"Spiritual Strength" byArtur Valadares - Mar. 2019

"The Good News - The Disciples" by Diego Cavalcanti - Feb. 2019

"The Good News - Zebedee's Family" by Fred Gouveia - Jan. 2019

"Can Your Forgive?" by Adriano Barbo - Jan. 2019

"The Good News - First Preachings" by Telma Moraes - Nov. 2018

"The Good News - The Precursor" by Marcelo Medeiros - Oct. 2018

"The Good News - Introduction" by Fred Gouveia - Sep. 2018

Inner Enlightenment Spiritist Society NYC
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