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Divaldo Franco - The Psychology of Forgiveness - ****SOLD OUT****

The medium Divaldo Pereira Franco is a remarkable disseminator of Spiritism in Brazil and all over the world. As a medium, he has psychographed almost 200 books with the help of his spirit friends— including his spirit guide Joanna de Angelis and Manoel Philomeno de Miranda. Many of those works have already been translated to other languages, bringing the light of the Gospel to all five continents.

Born in Feira de Santana (Brazil), on May 5, 1927, Franco founded the institution Mansão do Caminho, with his friend Nilson de Souza Pereira. Located in a poor neighborhood in Salvador, Brazil, the house offers social assistance to thousands of needy individuals. Lecture: The Psychology of Forgiveness March 29th -Main Ballroom at IESS - 2PM

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