Understanding & living the St. Paul's letters

April 29, from 5pm to 8pm, at IESS Eduardo Guimaraes is a biochemist, specialized in pharmaceutical oncology. Spiritist speaker and profound student of the Doctrine, he's one of the directors of the Casa da Caridade Aureliano Spiritist Center in the city of Niterói, Rio de de Janeiro. SEMINAR TITLE: " introductory study on the Letters of Paul, a theology of tolerance" SUMMARY: - Timeline of the order they were written - authorship - Main themes - Reasons for their creation - Epistle to the Galatians - The letter of freedom - Love and Charity

The Passion of the Christ: His Last 6 Hours (followed by our Early Dinner)

Sunday, 16 at 6pm (Lecture) followed by the Early Dinner On April, Sunday 16 we will have the lecture "The Passion of the Christ: his last 6 hours," by Débora Beldowicz, followed by our Early Dinner, a special gathering to get to know each other better, raise funds and break bread! (Food donations are welcome!). Come and join us at this loving event and help us spread the word! Suggested Donation: $10 per person Please note: the financial donation applies to the food and refreshments only. If you wish to attend the lecture only, that is FREE of charge. Lecture - The Passion of the Christ: His Last 6 Hours will focus on the profound teaching of Jesus in his last 6 hours incarnated. We wil

Suicide, Rejection and Spiritism

Tuesday, April 11, at 7pm Suicide, Rejection and Spiritism - According to the World Health Organization, there is one suicide every 40 seconds. The numbers are higher among the vulnerable groups, the ones who are usually rejected by society. In this lecture, we will study how Spiritism can help us prevent suicide. Raised in a Catholic family, Marcelo Medeiros started studying Spiritism in the 2000s. He has been a practitioner at IESS since 2012, and is a member of "The Spiritist Way," a non-profit Spiritist TV production company.

Winter Farewell Bazaar and Music Get-Together

March 18, from 4pm to 8pm Join the IESS family for a fun-filled afternoon of music playing, delicious food and a benefit bazaar of beautiful handcrafted accessories, all for a great cause. Carolina, Justin and young Theo are graciously opening their lovely home for us once again. They will be hosting an intimate gathering to benefit IESS and the heroic women of Uganda, whose beautifully handcrafted pieces help fund their work of caring for orphan children and will be available for sale. The suggested contribution is $10 per person. Limited space! Reserve your spot today HERE. Address: 400 South, 2nd Street, Ap. 207 - Williamsburg, NY We hope you can join us! IESS Family.

The Three Aspects of Charity

Tuesday, March 21 at 7pm The Three Aspects of Charity -- What's the real meaning of Charity? We are going to analyze the 3 aspects of charity according to Spiritism: Beneficent Charity, Benevolent Charity and Spiritual Charity. What are the different options of practicing Charity inside and outside the Spiritist Center? What are the limitations of doing charity? João Korngold is one of the founders and directors of the Spiritist Group of New York and the Spiritist Alliance for Books. He started studying Spiritism more than 20 years ago and has been one of the directors of the mediumship meeting for the past 15 years. He is also responsible for study groups at SGNY that focus on the basic b

What Is our Mission?

Sunday, March 19 at 6pm What is our Mission? We all have a mission as immortal spirits. Through the course of many reincarnations, we are invited to experience trials in order to learn the truth. During this lecture, we will reflect upon two stories, one from the book "Heaven and Hell"and the other from the book "Pontos e Contos" by Chico Xavier. Both stories present two characters experiencing trials in order to develop and achieve enlightenment. However, one chose to follow Jesus' teachings based on charity, and the other failed to do so. Marcelo Cabral was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is married and has two children. Marcelo is a Mechanical Engineer, studied in Catholic schools al

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Inner Enlightenment Spiritist Society NYC
Inner Enlightenment Spiritist Society NYC
Inner Enlightenment Spiritist Society NYC
Inner Enlightenment Spiritist Society NYC

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