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The Help We Seek

August, Sunday 21st at 6pm

We all face challanges and we all seek help at some point of our lives. All the help we need is always available to us, as Jesus taught us in many moments. Why then do we not always see the help coming when we call for God during tribulations? Roberto Cabral is the 7th son of Spiritist parents. He grew up participating and leading study groups and philanthropic activities at a Spiritist Center in Brazil and in 1992, with friends, created one of the first Spiritist bands to perform on big stages. He is also a published author of two books on spiritual topics: O Violinista de Veneza, 2012, and The Soul's Glass Slipper, 2015. Mr. Cabral is one of the workers at Allan Kardec Spiritist Center, in Danbury, Connecticut.

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