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The current cause of afflictions in our evolving planet

Our planet is evolving and we have a fundamental role in this transition. These are tough times that require us to keep our faith in Jesus and our work aligned with the Divine Justice. In this lecture, we are going to study the laws of progress and destruction as taught by the spirits, as well as try to understand what we can do to contribute to the march of progress and to keep our faith in a better future. Diego Cavalcanti has been engaged in activities in the spiritist center since 2008. Over the years, he has worked with spiritist education for children and youth groups, and has given dozens of lectures in spiritist centers in Brazil. Currently, Diego is involved with activities at IESS and SGNY, and leads teams of volunteers in the fight against hunger and to improve the lives of children in New York City. Sunday, November 6th at 6pm at IESS

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