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Loving Bags for the Homeless

Sunday, Dec. 18, 4pm

Meeting at IESS at 4pm, and leaving around 6pm.

Participate with us, bringing your donations to join forces. Each person can bring as many bags as they can donate.

Each bag should have a MINIMUM of 13 items: 2 WINTER ITEMS (Gloves, socks, scarf, hat OR gently used blankets or sweaters); 1 LOVING MESSAGE (Message of hope from the Gospel, Bible or personal); 1 Fun fact (Dominos, cards, book, crosswords, magazine, etc); 1 Toilet paper or baby wipes; 1 Toothbrush; 1 Tooth paste or mouth wash; 2 Beverages (Water and Juice), 1 Salt Snack (Beef sticks, cheese sticks or crackers), 1 Sweet Snack (Muffin, cookies or Cereal bar), 1 Fruit (Soft fruit or fruit in a can. NO hard apples), 1 Sandwich (Cheese or Butter+Cheese), These items should be in a PLASTIC BAG, then in a nice gift bag. You are welcome to come with us or just drop off your bags or items. God will help our small gesture to be big in loving energy!

Please share our #Lovingbagsforhomeless with your friends!

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