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Divine Idleness

Sunday, January 1st at 6pm How often do you say such things as ‘God allows this or that,’ ‘Our mentors allow such and such an event to take place…’ or even pose questions that begin with ‘Why is it that God allows…’? Do you believe this to be correct, or better yet, useful to your moral and intellectual progress? Or is it not a contradiction in terms with what we study in Spiritism? This lecture aims at investigating the origins of these contradictions and at correcting such unacceptable deviation from true spiritist behavior. Júlio Padovan holds Ph.D. degrees in Biophysics and Molecular Biology and has been working since 1996 at The Rockefeller University as both Senior Research Associate and Associate Director; he is also an Associate Professor of Chemistry at York College-CUNY. Júlio has been studying Spiritism over 30 years and is currently a member of the Spiritist Group of New York, where he is responsible for the Sunday Study Group.

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