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Truth, Goodness and Beauty

Sunday, January 29th at 6pm In our prayers, we often ask for help to put into practice what we learn The constant challenges we face daily often prevent us from living up to this ambition. Plato identifies universal properties of all being that reveal to us our ultimate desires: to believe what is true, to choose what is good and to love what is beautiful. By exercising our mind, will and heart we become aware of our imitation of God, form our conscience to judge our choices correctly and love things properly by seeing their lasting beauty. In this way we start to make slow but steady changes that show us the way to become the kind of people we were meant to be. Edward Christie has been involved with Spiritism for more than 20 years. He is an active member of both IESS and SGNY. He is a classically trained pianist, has taught music in NYC schools and courses in computer science at NYU. He enjoys learning and uses his love of teaching to share what he has learned with others.

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