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What Is our Mission?

Sunday, March 19 at 6pm What is our Mission? We all have a mission as immortal spirits. Through the course of many reincarnations, we are invited to experience trials in order to learn the truth. During this lecture, we will reflect upon two stories, one from the book "Heaven and Hell"and the other from the book "Pontos e Contos" by Chico Xavier. Both stories present two characters experiencing trials in order to develop and achieve enlightenment. However, one chose to follow Jesus' teachings based on charity, and the other failed to do so. Marcelo Cabral was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is married and has two children. Marcelo is a Mechanical Engineer, studied in Catholic schools all his life and was presented to Spiritism by his dear Grandma Helena, who used to tell him lots of stories. He is also part of the Board of Directors of SER (Spiritist Society of Bridgeport, in Conn.), and the TSSF - TriState Spiritist Federation. *** Due to the Winter Farewell Bazzar on March 18th, we will not have our Late Lunch this month ***

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