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Does Your Worldview Impact Your Emotional Health?

Sunday Nov. 12 - 6 pm at IESS So many people today, it seems, focus too much on material possessions. But is this really what The American Dream represents? Drawing on one example from his family, Peter looks at the emotional consequences of a materialistic worldview, and at how Spiritism can provide crucial perspectives about the real purpose of life. Peter Hays is an active member of Spiritist Group Love and Light in Newark, New Jersey. He was on the editing staff for The Spirits’ Book by the U.S. Spiritist Federation and helped with Love and Light’s English editions of Diary of a Counselor, Love Exists Among Us, and A Shipwrecked Life. Peter has a long background in theatre as an electrician, carpenter, literary manager, and playwright. Currently, he is involved in commercial real estate.

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