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Sexuality in the Light of Spiritism

Dear friend, The IESS invites you to the Seminar: Sexuality in the Light of Spiritism. A topic much needed and rarely addressed in Spiritualist and in the Spiritist movement will be brought to NY in September. Different than many other events you have attended, this conference gathers a robust body of knowledge on sexuality and immortality mixed with personal testimonies and real life sharing of experiences. It was put together by speakers in the Spiritist Movement who realized that many brothers and sisters, struggling with their sexuality and self esteem, needed more than a theoretical experience, they needed to feel empathy, to feel included and fully accepted for who they are. This Conference has happened twice in Miami, once in Brasil and is now here, in NYC. It will be a full day of lectures with speakers from Brazil and the UStouching themes like sexuality and youth, gender, homosexuality, transsexuality and more. Do not miss this opportunity. Share with family and friends and join us for an uplifting experience!


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Inner Enlightenment Spiritist Society NYC
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